Software developers and programmers are expensive team members to hire and employ. Their skills are often tough to find in certain areas and they typically earn more than other office workers with similar education and experience.

With that in mind finding ways to improve your efficiency and productivity as a developer is paramount, not only in getting the job done but earning your keep. In this three-part post, we look at nine ways to remove the obstacles that may be keeping you from working at full capacity.

Stick to what you do

You’re a developer or a programmer so be a developer or a programmer.  Anything outside of your job description is a waste of your time don’t allow yourself to be bogged down with administrative tasks like order office supplies, booking flights, organising training sessions etc. Let an office manager take care of those tasks because that’s what they’ve been hired to do.

Get a clear brief

Clarity is key to completing projects to standard and on time. Every project starts with a brief and without a proper one you’re likely to waste time with your work being thrown out and going back and forth trying to figure out exactly what is required of you.

Alternate between work and play

Setting up a work framework with time allocated to work and play is the best way to keep your productivity levels up. For example, try dedicating 45 minutes to continuous focused work on a specific task and follow that with a 10 to 15-minute break where you can do whatever you want. Get up walk around, check your social media read something but take your eyes of the screen. The breaks in between will serve as a reward encouraging you to stay focused during your work period.

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