We started 2016 with one big dream: We do cool stuff. One of the initiatives that was born from this dream is called #EtsaDaeDeng.  This means “Do that thing” or “Make that change”.

We know that we employ highly talented people in our business – and we so easily get bogged down by day-to-day things. We needed to give our talented employees a platform where they can play with sexy technologies, contribute to the community or just be awesome. We allocated 24 hour to all our employees to do this: 10 – 11 March 2016. The rules were simple: learn something, share something, have fun. The outcome blew everybody’s minds! We had more than 70 people who entered, and we can honestly say that this was a huge success: we really have the best of the best working in our cluster.

The cool cats who walked away with the bragging rights of the first #EtsaDaeDeng were Sakkie Van Zyl, Tseko Sambo, Mark Rosewall and Joas Mogale. They assisted a school in a rural area with the instillation of their internet – and when they left on the 11th of March 2016, 200 kids had access to the internet. How awesome! What a privilege to work with people who care this much!

Thank you to all the really awesome people who participated and made this possible.

We are excited to #EtsaDaeDeng again later this year!

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#EtsaDaeDeng @ EOH: A Microsoft Partner

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