When most people think of a software developer or programmer they imagine a nerdy, pocket protector wielding type who never sees the sunlight and has no creative inclination whatsoever. However, this stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth. To develop software programmes and solutions that make the world a better place requires a certain degree of creativity.

In this three-part post, we’ll look at nine ways to help keep the creative juices flowing as a software developer or programmer.

Use your limitations

Limitations are everywhere so instead of trying to avoid them you should do your best to work with them. Use these limitations as a foundation to work from. In many instances discovering a new way to work around a current challenge will yield bigger and better ideas.

As a developer you have the ability to create imaginative and beautiful solutions that are as technically impressive as they are visually stunning. It’s not just the graceful elegant solutions behind the scenes that lets you accomplish X in only Y lines of code while being Z% more server-friendly, it’s also, more importantly, about coming up with cool ideas and solutions that lend themselves to creating really awesome experiences.

Keep it simple stupid

Complicated solutions lead to complications so keep it simple. The simplest solutions are always going to work best in the long run. It’s easy to get caught up in the novelty of the idea without thinking about how practical it is.

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it

How do you know an idea is not going to work until you’ve tried it? The best thing to do is start with a prototype and try it out. If it doesn’t work you can trash it but sometimes if the proposed solution doesn’t work it may help you find an actual solution or a new way of getting to the answer that you may have never considered.

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