Could Low Code, the hot new trend which allows apps to be built with minimal knowledge of software development, become the future of application development? Here we explore the advantages of the Low Code Development.

Low-code is so simple that it gives anyone the ability to create and build an app virtually from ‘scratch’ using pre-made elements, without needing in-depth programming experience.

A good example is Microsoft’s PowerApps, where companies can build their custom apps for internal use by connecting various predefined elements and minimising coding requirements to reduce time and cut costs.

The Low Code development gives businesses the chance to develop software easier than before, and be able to compete in a market where top companies usually have a monopoly on the best software developers.

Hence, with the integration of Low Code, smaller companies can finally take advantage of the new paradigm and even leverage modern technologies that were previously inaccessible to them, such as AI and ML, and can play a key role in app development.

Also, Low Code enables organisations to bring changes in a sustainable way for fast-paced companies that need agile processes and solutions to address their business requirements. However, these requirements grow more sophisticated with time.

For example, the future of Low Code depends on the extent it can support adaptive and creative solutions focusing on augmented intelligence, autonomous intelligence, anthropomorphic intelligence and bots within security processes.

Low Code can simplify development and allow this essential technological part of the business to integrate with other business operations, creative teams, and new ways of thinking. It can also mean more time available and a better quality of life for teams – not just the dev teams. It can integrate IT in the fabric of the business, removing the silo effect.

Ultimately, it seems that coding in the digital age will make software development accessible to everyone, so everyone can have the opportunity to build their business in a creative and accessible way.

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