Tricky software? Fortunately, new tools and strategies are developed all the time in software testing, which is important to assure and verify the quality of the software developed. Here are some examples of modern software testing techniques.

But first, what is there to test? Software testing trends generally apply to all kinds of types of tests: app loading, security, usability or performance.

Irrespective of the main focus of the testing, these methods search for a variety of things that can go wrong, such as app behaviour problems, unexpected bugs and code compiling issues.

Shift-Left and Shift-Right Testing

Traditionally, software testing is performed right in the middle of the development lifecycle, usually after building the application but before the app goes into production.

A new trend, shift-left and shift-right testing, is changing that for DevOps. Testing begins as soon as the code is written, and continues even in the app production process to identify usability errors and performance problems before the beta or final release.


Similar to the rise of DevSecOps, where app security becomes a fully integrated part of the dev cycle, rather than a siloed effort, QAOps focuses on the cooperation among software test engineers, IT Ops and developers, to bring quality assurance testing as a ‘must’ in the DevOps process instead of an after-thought component.

Automated Testing

Although not a novelty anymore, testing automation has gone mainstream in software testing, with more companies using automated testing frameworks for quality assurance purposes.

Automated testing tools are designed to write and run tests automatically, instead of having testing engineers executing commands manually, which saves time in fast-paced DevOps.

However, despite its advantages, complete automation is not always possible, specifically in the case of usability tests that involve monitoring the way users interact with the software interfaced.

In most cases, a combination of manual testing and automated testing works best to ensure certain results.

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