Multidisciplinary teams are an essential and valuable part of the Agile development methodology, helping businesses save time and money while delivering high-quality and timeously work.

Collaborative teams can reduce the time it takes to develop custom software, improve the quality of code, and ensure that user design is integrated into the software during every step of the process.

With the multidisciplinary Agile approach, development teams can solicit feedback early on, avoiding unnecessary features and costs. The software prototype can be shown to stakeholders as soon as possible and improved during collaborative development based on feedback.

Integrating a multidisciplinary team into the software development cycle through Agile methodology will reduce costs and bring products to market quicker, unlike the traditional Waterfall method of linear development.

In contrast, traditional software development methodologies focus on producing software in sequential order, every developer or specialist working solely on his assigned area of the project, lending his particular expertise.

For example, a software security specialist will only focus on the security aspect of the project, and may only be entered into the project after the software completion to asses security vulnerabilities.

A multidisciplinary approach ensures that all of the various specialists, including user design, development, quality assurance testing, and software security, are involved in producing each iteration of the software. These specialists can contribute their expertise at every stage of the project.

This ensures that every voice is heard and feedback is given and included in the final product. The same software security specialist can get involved in the development from the beginning. Discovering security threats from the starting phases of developments and rectifying in due time can translate into huge cost savings for the client.

Ultimately, companies should integrate multidisciplinary teams into their development methodology to advance the Agile methodology for the benefit of their development teams and customers.

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