When it comes to software functionality, developers usually have a checklist of things to cover before launching a new product or feature. Here is a basic checklist to go with your next product release.

How well is your product performing?

Push your product to its limits and see how well, fast and accurate it can perform under extreme conditions such as exponential growth in online orders or users joining the platform. Explore the limits, not just the expected daily grind.

Is the functionality easily accessible?

Verify the accessibility and ease of use of your new product for most common devices and browsers, and be aware of the exceptions. Accessible design can drastically improve the logic, function and performance of an application.

Are you ready for the unexpected?

Prepare for those unexpected scenarios by anticipating users’ behaviour and helping them to realign or try again with guiding instructions. Make provisions if users enter information wrongly, use formats outside the specified rules, or are unsure about the next steps to be taken. Be clear and concise, and stay away from cryptic unhelpful prompts.

Are you aware of any development bugs?

It’s a good idea to track and document product errors and fix bugs once your team is aware of them. Flag any errors for future improvements, and monitor those bugs that may have escaped the testing grounds. Work towards improving the product with the next releases, and communicate to the user what has been fixed.

Have you practised the launch rollout?

Testing and rehearsing the product release is one way to find out if the launch will go on flawlessly. You can also automate the application deployment process and make the rehearsal step as easy and practical as possible before the official launch.

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